Regional Championships

Irish Open Championship
1954 Les Mason Dublin
Sun 10th October
10th October
Welsh Championship
The Neath Abbey meetings on 6th May and 27th June 1955 were both reported in the local newspaper as the Welsh Championship.
1955 81 Roy Bannister Neath Abbey
Fri 6th May
6th May
1955 Glyn Rees Neath Abbey
Fri 10th June
10th June
East Anglian Championship
1956 103 Johnny Brise Yarmouth
Thu 6th September
6th September
1959 38 Fred Mitchell Norwich
Sat 17th October
17th October
1960 42 Aubrey Leighton Norwich
Sat 18th June
18th June
1991 2 Paul Harrison Skegness
Sun 14th July
14th July
1999 247 Gary Castell Swaffham
Sat 10th July
10th July
Suffolk Championship
1956 5 Doug Wardropper Ipswich
Thu 27th September
27th September
1957 22 Harold Bosworth Ipswich
Sat 28th September
28th September
London Championship
1958 5 Doug Wardropper Woolwich
Fri 17th October
17th October
1966 138 Allen Briggs Harringay
Sat 10th September
10th September
1967 289 Karl Grossman Harringay
Sat 12th August
12th August
2000 515 Frankie Wainman Wimbledon
Sun 22nd October
22nd October
2001 318 Rob Speak Wimbledon
Sun 21st October
21st October
2002 391 Andy Smith Wimbledon
Sun 20th October
20th October
2003 515 Frankie Wainman Wimbledon
Sun 19th October
19th October
Midland Drivers Championship
1960 38 Fred Mitchell Long Eaton
Sat 10th September
10th September
1962 245 Alan Wardropper Long Eaton
Sat 15th September
15th September
1963 3 Ellis Ford Long Eaton
Sat 28th September
28th September
1964 69 Nev Hughes Long Eaton
Sat 12th September
12th September
1965 3 Ellis Ford Long Eaton
Sat 9th October
9th October
1966 2 Willie Harrison Long Eaton
Sat 24th September
24th September
1969 372 Mick O'Hara Long Eaton
Sat 23rd August
23rd August
1970 244 Jim Esau Long Eaton
Sat 13th June
13th June
1971 391 Stu Smith Hednesford
Sun 13th June
13th June
1972 306 Mick Noden Coventry
Sat 7th October
7th October
1973 391 Stu Smith Stoke
Sun 17th June
17th June
1974 252 Dave Chisholm Leicester
Sat 18th May
18th May
1977 51 Mo Smith Oxford
Sun 4th September
4th September
1978 408 Brian Whorton Leicester
Sat 19th August
19th August
1980 91 Wilf Warnes Coventry
Sat 2nd August
2nd August
1980 58 John Davies Long Eaton
Sat 11th October
11th October
1981 428 Pete Doran Leicester
Sat 18th July
18th July
1982 203 Dan Clarke Leicester
Sat 18th September
18th September
1985 422 Nigel Whorton Coventry
Sat 3rd August
3rd August
Northern Drivers Championship
1962 6 Johnny King Belle Vue
Sat 19th May
19th May
1969 77 Peter Farrington Nelson
Sat 27th September
27th September
1971 396 Doug Cronshaw Nelson
Sat 14th August
14th August
1972 306 Mick Noden Rochdale
Fri 22nd September
22nd September
1973 306 Mick Noden White City
Sat 25th August
25th August
1974 391 Stu Smith Nelson
Fri 4th October
4th October
1975 396 Doug Cronshaw Rochdale
Sun 22nd June
22nd June
1977 199 Mike Close White City
Sat 1st October
1st October
1978 109 Phil Smith White City
Sat 26th August
26th August
1979 28 Bill Gill Blackburn
Thu 4th October
4th October
1980 396 Doug Cronshaw Rochdale
Sun 12th October
12th October
1981 272 Dave Hodgson Sheffield
Mon 24th August
24th August
1984 1 Stu Smith Belle Vue
Sat 23rd June
23rd June
1992 53 John Lund Bradford
Mon 25th May
25th May
1998 515 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Mon 25th May
25th May
1999 1 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Mon 31st May
31st May
2000 335 Mark Woodhull Sheffield
Mon 29th May
29th May
Scottish Grand Prix
1966 2 Willie Harrison Stevenston
Sun 17th July
17th July
North East Drivers Championship
1966 141 Arthur Gibson Aycliffe
Sun 30th October
30th October
1967 141 Arthur Gibson Aycliffe
Sun 24th September
24th September
1968 100 Tony Neal Aycliffe
Sun 29th September
29th September
1969 124 Oliver Smith Aycliffe
Mon 1st September
1st September
1970 375 George Ansell Aycliffe
Sun 25th October
25th October
1971 391 Stu Smith Aycliffe
Sun 17th October
17th October
1972 250 Gerald Taylor Aycliffe
Sun 8th October
8th October
1973 391 Stu Smith Aycliffe
Sun 14th October
14th October
1974 229 John Hillam Aycliffe
Sun 13th October
13th October
1975 229 John Hillam Aycliffe
Sun 19th October
19th October
1976 391 Stu Smith Aycliffe
Sun 17th October
17th October
1977 391 Stu Smith Aycliffe
Sun 16th October
16th October
1978 199 Mike Close Aycliffe
Sun 15th October
15th October
1979 391 Stu Smith Aycliffe
Sun 14th October
14th October
1980 199 Mike Close Aycliffe
Sun 5th October
5th October
1981 199 Mike Close Aycliffe
Sun 4th October
4th October
1982 286 John Toulson Aycliffe
Sun 17th October
17th October
1983 53 John Lund Aycliffe
Sun 2nd October
2nd October
1984 100 Harry Smith Aycliffe
Sun 14th October
14th October
1985 190 Len Wolfenden Aycliffe
Sun 20th October
20th October
1986 53 John Lund Aycliffe
Sun 21st September
21st September
1987 53 John Lund Aycliffe
Sun 8th November
8th November
1988 286 John Toulson Aycliffe
Sun 13th November
13th November
1989 33 Peter Falding Aycliffe
Sun 29th October
29th October
1991 544 Russell Taylor Hartlepool
Sun 10th November
10th November
1996 515 Frankie Wainman Hartlepool
Sun 25th August
25th August
Southern Drivers Championship
1969 244 Jim Esau Harringay
Sat 19th July
19th July
1970 391 Stu Smith Crayford
Wed 8th July
8th July
1971 391 Stu Smith Brands Hatch
Sun 29th August
29th August
1972 238 Les Mitchell Bristol
Sun 25th June
25th June
1980 203 Dan Clarke Ringwood
Mon 25th August
25th August
Kent Championship
1970 391 Stu Smith Crayford
Wed 25th March
25th March
Northern Open
1976 212 Frankie Wainman Bradford
Thu 19th August
19th August
1979 199 Mike Close Blackburn
Thu 29th March
29th March
1980 235 Tony Bell Blackburn
Sat 5th April
5th April
1981 160 Andy Stott Blackburn
Sat 17th October
17th October
British Open Cup
1979 396 Doug Cronshaw Rochdale
Sun 9th September
9th September
1980 55 Bert Finnikin White City
Fri 15th August
15th August
South West Drivers Championship
1973 391 Stu Smith Bristol
Sun 29th July
29th July
1974 96 Geoff Weston Bristol
Mon 26th August
26th August
Eastern Drivers Championship
1974 391 Stu Smith Snetterton
Sun 16th June
16th June
1976 391 Stu Smith Hartlepool
Sun 14th November
14th November
1978 212 Frankie Wainman Skegness
Wed 6th September
6th September
1980 190 Len Wolfenden Skegness
Wed 9th July
9th July
1981 190 Len Wolfenden Skegness
Sun 6th September
6th September
1982 212 Frankie Wainman Skegness
Wed 25th August
25th August
Lancashire Championship
1981 199 Mike Close Blackburn
Sat 16th May
16th May
Yorkshire Open Championship
1975 396 Doug Cronshaw Bradford
Thu 11th September
11th September