Former Championships

Champion Of Champions
1959 386 Barry van den Oetelaar Northampton
Sun 25th October
25th October
1961 471 Jim Berg Northampton
Sun 29th October
29th October
1962 245 Alan Wardropper Northampton
Sun 28th October
28th October
1963 5 Doug Wardropper Northampton
Sun 27th October
27th October
1964 5 Doug Wardropper Northampton
Sun 25th October
25th October
1973 212 Frankie Wainman Nelson
Sat 20th October
20th October
1974 37 Don Evans Wembley
Sat 29th June
29th June
1974 36 Rod Falding Nelson
Sat 19th October
19th October
1975 36 Rod Falding Nelson
Sat 4th October
4th October
1976 396 Doug Cronshaw Nelson
Sat 2nd October
2nd October
1977 199 Mike Close Nelson
Fri 28th October
28th October
1978 391 Stu Smith Nelson
Sat 21st October
21st October
1979 212 Frankie Wainman Nelson
Sat 13th October
13th October
1980 190 Len Wolfenden Blackburn
Sat 18th October
18th October
1981 190 Len Wolfenden Rochdale
Sun 25th October
25th October
1986 199 Mike Close Belle Vue
Sun 7th December
7th December
1991 515 Frankie Wainman Long Eaton
Sun 8th December
8th December
2003 515 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Sun 26th October
26th October
2008 1 Stu Smith Coventry
Sun 8th June
8th June
British Open Championship
1962 68 Trevor Frost Belle Vue
Mon 23rd April
23rd April
1963 245 Alan Wardropper Belle Vue
Mon 15th April
15th April
1964 69 Nev Hughes Belle Vue
Mon 30th March
30th March
Driver Of The Year
A one-off meeting in 1963, until Mike Parker re-used the title 1974 as the name of a race series held over a series of rounds at MPP tracks.
Startrax revised the series in 2000 and 2004.
1963 178 Albert Griffin Hednesford
Sat 10th August
10th August
1974 36 Rod Falding White City
Sat 21st September
21st September
1975 396 Doug Cronshaw White City
Sat 20th September
20th September
1976 199 Mike Close Nelson
Fri 15th October
15th October
1977 391 Stu Smith White City
Sat 22nd October
22nd October
1978 391 Stu Smith White City
Sat 14th October
14th October
1979 391 Stu Smith White City
Sat 8th September
8th September
1980 260 Dave Berresford White City
Sat 11th October
11th October
1981 190 Len Wolfenden White City
Sat 10th October
10th October
1982 212 Frankie Wainman Rochdale
Sun 10th October
10th October
1983 212 Frankie Wainman Rochdale
Sun 9th October
9th October
1984 53 John Lund Rochdale
Sun 7th October
7th October
2000 97 Murray Harrison Stoke
Sat 30th September
30th September
2004 8 Mick Harris Sheffield
Sun 29th August
29th August
BriSCA Supreme Championship
1969 56 Ron Webb Brands Hatch
Sun 12th October
12th October
1970 311 Ian Durham Northampton
Sun 4th October
4th October
1971 391 Stu Smith Belle Vue
Sat 21st August
21st August
1972 193 Brian Bennett Northampton
Sun 17th September
17th September
1973 391 Stu Smith Brands Hatch
Sun 1st July
1st July
1974 391 Stu Smith Nelson
Sat 28th September
28th September
1975 2 Willie Harrison Long Eaton
Sat 13th September
13th September
1976 293 Gordon Smith Rochdale
Sun 12th September
12th September
1977 306 Mick Noden Leicester
Sat 22nd October
22nd October
1978 265 Rob Bradsell Nelson
Thu 27th July
27th July
1979 55 Bert Finnikin Long Eaton
Sat 13th October
13th October
1980 212 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Mon 15th September
15th September
1981 139 Stu Smith Leicester
Sat 15th August
15th August
1985 422 Nigel Whorton Long Eaton
Sat 12th October
12th October
1986 199 Mike Close Belle Vue
Sat 15th November
15th November
1987 501 Chris Elwell Coventry
Sat 3rd October
3rd October
1988 499 Les Mitchell Mildenhall
Sun 30th October
30th October
1989 53 John Lund Bradford
Sat 30th September
30th September
1991 515 Frankie Wainman Coventry
Sat 3rd August
3rd August
1992 422 Nigel Whorton Buxton
Sun 26th July
26th July
1994 1 Peter Falding Coventry
Sat 7th May
7th May
1995 38 Jason Holden Birmingham
Sat 30th September
30th September
1996 33 Peter Falding Skegness
Sat 25th May
25th May
1997 33 Peter Falding Birmingham
Sat 30th August
30th August
1998 26 Ray Williams Stoke
Sun 23rd August
23rd August
2002 8 Mick Harris Swindon
Sun 8th September
8th September
2005 2 Paul Harrison King's Lynn
Sat 25th June
25th June
2009 1 Andy Smith Sheffield
Sun 25th October
25th October
2010 515 Frankie Wainman Coventry
Sat 16th October
16th October
Grand Prix
1979 391 Stu Smith    
1980 391 Stu Smith    
1981 1 Stu Smith    
1982 55 Bert Finnikin    
1983 304 Dave Mellor    
1984 199 Mike Close &
212 Frankie Wainman
1985 212 Frankie Wainman    
1986 212 Frankie Wainman    
1987 53 John Lund    
1988 53 John Lund    
1989 190 Len Wolfenden    
1990 53 John Lund    
1991 515 Frankie Wainman    
1992 53 John Lund    
1993 53 John Lund    
1994 33 Peter Falding    
1995 515 Frankie Wainman    
1996 515 Frankie Wainman    
1997 515 Frankie Wainman    
1998 515 Frankie Wainman    
World Of Shale Championship
Organised by Startrax and based on points scored at Startrax shale tracks.
The title was awarded either on a one-off end of season race gridded in points scored order, or the highest placed qualifying driver in the meeting final, or most points overall.
Some years there were two semi-finals to decided the grid for the World Of Shale Final.
The title was not held in 2000 or 2005
1998 53 John Lund Stoke
Sat 25th July
25th July
1999 1 Frankie Wainman Stoke
Sat 19th June
19th June
2001 515 Frankie Wainman Belle Vue
Sun 8th July
8th July
2002 53 John Lund Belle Vue
Sun 25th August
25th August
2003 280 Colin Nairn Coventry
Sat 1st November
1st November
2004 225 Mark Clayton Belle Vue
Fri 5th November
5th November
2006 391 Andy Smith Belle Vue
Sun 1st October
1st October
2007 291 Dan Squire Sheffield
Sun 18th November
18th November
2008 212 Danny Wainman Belle Vue
Sun 9th November
9th November
2009 1 Andy Smith Belle Vue
Sun 15th November
15th November
2010 1 Andy Smith Coventry
Sat 13th November
13th November
2011 55 Craig Finnikin Coventry
Sat 5th November
5th November
2012 515 Frankie Wainman Coventry
Sat 3rd November
3rd November
2013 4 Dan Johnson Belle Vue
Sun 13th October
13th October
Champions League
Champions League was just a name, it was open to all drivers, not just champions.
The series was held over 9 rounds, plus a final. Each driver got 10 points for taking part, plus whatever they scored based on the grade multiplier system (whites x4, yellows x3, etc).
The top points scorers lined up for the final in points scored order.
There were also prizes for the top scorers in each grade.
The total prize fund was advertised as £10,000.
2005 21 Mark Gilbank King's Lynn
Sat 19th November
19th November
Golden Jubilee Championship
The Golden Jubilee Series was to celebrate the sport's 50th anniversary.
The series included special meetings that were a one-off return to former regular F1 tracks, such as Bristol and Yarmouth. There was also a round at Venray. Meetings were originally planned for Lydden Hill and Arena Essex, but Lydden did not happen and Arena was not counted as a Golden Jubilee round.
The series was planned to have a race format based on randomly drawn grids, but this did not happen at most of the meetings.
The final was based on points scored at qualifying rounds throughout the season.
2004 515 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Sun 14th November
14th November
Euro Shale Cup
The 3 day event was a Friday night at Belle Vue, followed by a Saturday and Sunday at Stoke. It included a number of drivers from the fields of the Netherlands.
1999 515 Frankie Wainman Stoke
Sun 10th October
10th October
Euro Cup
Held over 3 meetings one weekend. The final was the top 30 points scorers over the 3 meetings, graded order start.
Not to be confused with the European Gold Cup meeting held at Boston the same year, after the European Championship at Skegness.
1990 53 John Lund Hednesford
Sun 10th June
10th June
The Chase 2020
2021 217 Lee Fairhurst Bradford
Mon 31st May
31st May