Stats By Request

Questions that have been asked :-
1 Who won the most Finals in one year?
2 Which meetings have had the most cars?
3 Which driver has the longest gap between final wins?
4 Which track has held the most meetings?
5 Which track has the longest gap between F1 meetings?
6 How many drivers from overseas have won a Final in the UK?
7 What is the most meetings held on the same day?
8 How many meetings have there been in total?
9 Who has appeared in the most World Finals?
10 Who has the highest success rate in World Finals?
11 Which racing number has been used by the most drivers?
12 Which region of England can claim the most F1 success since 1954?
13 Questions about race finishes
14 Questions about home towns
15 How many drivers from Scotland have won a Final?
16 Which championship is the oldest?
17 How many drivers raced in both the sport's Silver Jubilee (1979) and Golden Jubilee (2004) seasons?
18 How many times has the same racing number been used by a driver and their father?
19 What's the best finish in a World Final by a New Zealand driver?
20 How many meetings have been held on Good Friday?