BSCDA Bumper Trophy

The trophy is shaped like a front bumper. It was made by Allen Barker and plated by Malcom Illingworth. It was first presented at the 1978 Boxing Day meeting at Belle Vue.

Originally meant as a one-off, it was then presented to either the Final winner or the GN winner at a designated meeting, annually from 1981 to 2018, and then sporadically after that.

If there is a new or returning track on the fixture list then this is normally the venue for the meeting.

1978 135 Colin Taylor Belle Vue
Tue 26th December
26th December
1981 2 Willie Harrison Rochdale
Sun 9th August
9th August
1982 347 Andy Shaw Belle Vue
Sat 25th September
25th September
1983 190 Len Wolfenden Blackburn
Sat 10th September
10th September
1984 100 Harry Smith Skegness
Wed 8th August
8th August
1985 190 Len Wolfenden Aycliffe
Sun 20th October
20th October
1986 212 Frankie Wainman Newtongrange
Sat 30th August
30th August
1987 212 Frankie Wainman Mildenhall
Sun 12th April
12th April
1988 156 Graham Blundell Scunthorpe
Sat 22nd October
22nd October
1989 190 Len Wolfenden Northampton
Sun 15th October
15th October
1990 515 Frankie Wainman Hartlepool
Sun 16th September
16th September
1991 53 John Lund Crewe
Sat 19th October
19th October
1992 413 Matt Bennett Boston
Sun 12th July
12th July
1993 515 Frankie Wainman Hartlepool
Sun 24th October
24th October
1994 53 John Lund Hartlepool
Sun 23rd October
23rd October
1995 202 Richard Mason Stoke
Sat 26th August
26th August
1996 515 Frankie Wainman Wimbledon
Sun 6th October
6th October
1997 33 Peter Falding Sheffield
Sun 8th June
8th June
1998 345 Gary Coyle Birmingham
Sat 24th October
24th October
1999 247 Gary Castell Swaffham
Sat 10th July
10th July
2000 2 Paul Harrison Arena Essex
Sun 21st May
21st May
2001 515 Frankie Wainman Cowdenbeath
Sun 22nd July
22nd July
2002 434 Ivan Pritchard Knockhill
Sun 23rd June
23rd June
2003 390 Stuart Smith Belle Vue
Sun 8th June
8th June
2004 515 Frankie Wainman Hednesford
Sun 27th June
27th June
2005 322 James Neachell Skegness
Thu 4th August
4th August
2006 1 Frankie Wainman Skegness
Thu 3rd August
3rd August
2007 391 Andy Smith Knockhill
Sun 10th June
10th June
2008 391 Andy Smith Knockhill
Sun 15th June
15th June
2009 391 Andy Smith Scunthorpe
Sat 25th July
25th July
2010 1 Andy Smith Scunthorpe
Sun 23rd May
23rd May
2011 55 Craig Finnikin King's Lynn
Sat 29th October
29th October
2012 21 Mark Gilbank Stoke
Sat 22nd September
22nd September
2013 55 Craig Finnikin Stoke
Sat 28th September
28th September
2014 1 Tom Harris Lochgelly
Sun 29th June
29th June
2015 202 Henry Hunter Northampton
Sat 18th July
18th July
2016 464 Luke Davidson Lochgelly
Sun 26th June
26th June
2017 94 John Dowson Belle Vue
Sun 12th November
12th November
2018 11 Neil Scriven Lochgelly
Sun 17th June
17th June
2022 48 Shaun Webster Lochgelly
Fri 3rd June
3rd June