Old Trophies

Presented by the British Stock Car Racing Supporters Association.
1976 391 Stu Smith Sheffield
Tue 28th December
28th December
1977 212 Frankie Wainman Sheffield
Tue 27th December
27th December
1978 109 Phil Smith Bradford
Thu 25th May
25th May
1979 190 Len Wolfenden Sheffield
Mon 24th September
24th September
1980 391 Stu Smith Skegness
Sun 5th October
5th October
1981 1 Stu Smith Northampton
Sun 27th September
27th September
1982 304 Dave Mellor Sheffield
Tue 28th December
28th December
1983 304 Dave Mellor Northampton
Sun 2nd October
2nd October
1984 85 Ray Tyldesley Crewe
Sat 20th October
20th October
1986 85 Ray Tyldesley Hartlepool
Sun 5th October
5th October
1987 490 Mark Taylor Mildenhall
Sun 4th October
4th October
Tony Abel Trophy
Tony retired from racing after an injury at Northampton in 1976. The BSCDA presented the trophy to heat winners at Christmas meetings 1978-1980, the GN winner at the Northampton World Semi-Final meeting in 1981, and the winner of the GN at the last Northampton meeting of the year from 1982-1997.
1978 55 Bert Finnikin Northampton
Tue 26th December
26th December
1979 154 Brian Powles Northampton
Sun 30th December
30th December
1980 190 Len Wolfenden Northampton
Fri 26th December
26th December
1981 175 Glyn Pursey Northampton
Sun 16th August
16th August
1982 58 John Davies Northampton
Sun 7th November
7th November
1983 247 Andy Webb Northampton
Sun 16th October
16th October
1984 33 Peter Falding Northampton
Sun 4th November
4th November
1985 433 John Thorpe Northampton
Sun 3rd November
3rd November
1986 53 John Lund Northampton
Sun 6th July
6th July
1988 212 Frankie Wainman Northampton
Sun 16th October
16th October
1989 401 Mark Wareham Northampton
Sun 15th October
15th October
1990 229 Paul Higgins Northampton
Sun 4th November
4th November
1991 515 Frankie Wainman Northampton
Sun 20th October
20th October
1992 53 John Lund Northampton
Sun 1st November
1st November
1993 203 Dan Clarke Northampton
Sun 7th November
7th November
1994 221 Steve Cooper Northampton
Sun 30th October
30th October
1995 515 Frankie Wainman Northampton
Sat 28th October
28th October
1996 250 Keith Chambers Northampton
Sun 13th October
13th October
1997 89 Paul Poulter Northampton
Sun 26th October
26th October
Willie Harrison Trophy
The Willie Harrison Silver Jubilee Trophy was presented by Willie at his local track to commemorate 25 years of both him racing, and the sport itself.
In the following years it was presented as The Willie Harrison Trophy.
1979 131 Pete Hodgson Sheffield
Mon 22nd October
22nd October
1980 36 Rod Falding Sheffield
Mon 20th October
20th October
1981 2 Willie Harrison Sheffield
Mon 19th October
19th October
1982 304 Dave Mellor Sheffield
Mon 11th October
11th October
1983 100 Harry Smith Sheffield
Mon 24th October
24th October
1984 304 Dave Mellor Sheffield
Mon 15th October
15th October
1985 33 Peter Falding Sheffield
Sun 31st March
31st March
1986 53 John Lund Sheffield
Mon 29th September
29th September
1988 53 John Lund Sheffield
Mon 10th October
10th October
Internations Cup
Instigated by Bev Greenhalf as part of his effort to encourage co-operation between the UK and Dutch F1 organisations. The cup was presented at a meeting that had a contingent of drivers from overseas; either the day after the World Final, or the European Championship.
When Bev passed away, it became the Internations Cup In Memory Of Bev Greenhalf. The winners from 2012 onwards are listed on the Memorial Trophies page.
1989 47 Scott McKenzie Northampton
Sun 3rd September
3rd September
1990 33 Peter Falding Northampton
Sun 23rd September
23rd September
1991 501 Chris Elwell Northampton
Sun 21st July
21st July
1992 H22 Louw Wobbes Northampton
Sun 20th September
20th September
1993 515 Frankie Wainman Northampton
Sun 5th September
5th September
1994 391 Andy Smith Northampton
Sun 25th September
25th September
1995 41 Gaz Bott Northampton
Sun 21st May
21st May
1996 250 Keith Chambers Northampton
Sun 8th September
8th September
1997 41 Gaz Bott Northampton
Sun 20th July
20th July
1998 33 Peter Falding Northampton
Sun 19th July
19th July
1999 284 Chris Lloyd Northampton
Sun 18th July
18th July
2000 489 Gary Utley Northampton
Sun 16th July
16th July
2001 2 Paul Harrison Northampton
Sun 15th July
15th July
2002 391 Andy Smith Northampton
Sun 30th June
30th June
2003 434 Ivan Pritchard Northampton
Sun 29th June
29th June
2004 390 Stuart Smith Northampton
Sun 18th July
18th July
2005 55 Craig Finnikin Northampton
Sun 17th July
17th July
2006 129 Steve Lewin Northampton
Sun 16th July
16th July
2007 321 Ed Neachell Northampton
Sun 15th July
15th July
2008 H482 Peter van den Bosch Northampton
Sun 20th July
20th July
2009 390 Stuart Smith Northampton
Sun 19th July
19th July
2010 51 Dylan Williams-Maynard Northampton
Sun 18th July
18th July
2011 150 Mick Sworder Northampton
Sun 17th July
17th July
Ann & John Hunt Crystal Trophy
1983 199 Mike Close Aycliffe
Sun 16th October
16th October
1985 190 Len Wolfenden Northampton
Sun 3rd November
3rd November
1987 57 Rob Lane Crewe
Sat 17th October
17th October
1988 499 Les Mitchell Mildenhall
Sun 30th October
30th October
1989 471 Bobby Burns Scunthorpe
Sat 18th November
18th November
1991 53 John Lund Scunthorpe
Sat 16th November
16th November
1992 109 Phil Smith Scunthorpe
Sat 21st November
21st November
Internet Fans Challenge Trophy
Conceived by Pete Redford and organised entirely on Stoxnet.
Fans were invited to make a donation to the prize fund and then nominate a low graded driver to enter the race.
Dave Leonard used the idea of a fan-funded championship to come up with the Under 25 Championship.
2004 380 Steve Cayzer Belle Vue
Mon 30th August
30th August
2005 415 Russell Cooper King's Lynn
Sat 24th September
24th September
2006 4 Dan Johnson Skegness
Sat 16th September
16th September