Overseas Championships

Gold Cup (Netherlands/Belgium)
With the end of the Long Track World Championship when Baarlo closed, the Gold Cup was introduced at the newly refurbished Venray circuit.
The early ones were titled World Cup although this was changed in 2006 to avoid confusion with the football World Cup.
The event moved to Warneton, Belgium in 2008 when Venray was closed, but for 2009 returned to the Netherlands and the newer Venray track.
1999 515 Frankie Wainman Venray Sunday 22nd August
2000 H217 Ron Kroonder Venray Sunday 20th August
2001 H240 Henk-Jan Ronitz Venray Sunday 19th August
2002 H24 Willie Peeters Venray Sunday 18th August
2003 H240 Henk-Jan Ronitz Venray Sunday 17th August
2004 H240 Henk-Jan Ronitz Venray Sunday 15th August
2005 H10 Piet Keijzer Venray Sunday 21st August
2006 515 Frankie Wainman Venray Sunday 20th August
2007 H217 Ron Kroonder Venray Sunday 19th August
2008 H22 Louw Wobbes Warneton Sunday 17th August
2009 H217 Ron Kroonder Venray Sunday 27th September
2010 H247 Gary Castell Venray Sunday 15th August
2011 H247 Gary Castell Venray Sunday 21st August
2012 84 Tom Harris Venray Sunday 19th August
2013 84 Tom Harris Venray Sunday 18th August
2014 4 Dan Johnson Venray Sunday 17th August
2015 515 Frankie Wainman Venray Sunday 16th August
2016 H400 Roy Maessen Venray Sunday 21st August
2017 197 Ryan Harrison Venray Sunday 20th August
2018 H400 Roy Maessen Venray Sunday 19th August
2019 464 Luke Davidson Venray Sunday 18th August
2022 H47 Danny van Wamelen Venray Sunday 21st August
NACO Long Track World Championship (Netherlands)
Introduced at the big 1km track at Baarlo in the Netherlands as a result of the developing relationships between the UK and Dutch stock car organisations.
1977 267 Ian Ireland Baarlo Sunday 7th August
1978 H76 Frans Meuwissen Baarlo Sunday 6th August
1979 160 Andy Stott Baarlo Sunday 12th August
1980 H8 Friedhelm Welters Baarlo Sunday 17th August
1981 H48 Wiel Nieling Baarlo Sunday 9th August
1982 H15 Rien Rutjens Baarlo Sunday 8th August
1983 H15 Rien Rutjens Baarlo Sunday 18th September
1984 H15 Rien Rutjens Baarlo Sunday 23rd September
1985 H15 Rien Rutjens Baarlo Sunday 22nd September
1986 H8 Friedhelm Welters Baarlo Sunday 24th August
1987 H15 Rien Rutjens Baarlo Sunday 23rd August
1988 33 Peter Falding Baarlo Sunday 25th September
1989 33 Peter Falding Baarlo Sunday 24th September
1990 53 John Lund Baarlo Sunday 26th August
1991 H217 Ron Kroonder Baarlo Sunday 29th September
1992 33 Peter Falding Baarlo Sunday 30th August
1993 H217 Ron Kroonder Baarlo Sunday 22nd August
1994 H217 Ron Kroonder Baarlo Sunday 21st August
1995 H217 Ron Kroonder Baarlo Sunday 20th August
1996 H217 Ron Kroonder Baarlo Sunday 18th August
1997 H22 Louw Wobbes Baarlo Sunday 17th August
1998 515 Frankie Wainman Baarlo Sunday 23rd August
240ci Superstock World Invitation Championship (New Zealand)
The title is decided on the highest points over three races.
Drivers marked * have never raced in the UK so do not have an entry on this website.
1987 Chris Elwell    
1988 Dave Evans    
1989 Paul Whitcombe *    
1990 Paul Urlich    
1991 Barry Podjursky    
1992 Greg Johnston    
1993 Bryce Penn    
1994 Ian Carlyle *    
1995 Roydon Collingwood    
1996 Roydon Collingwood    
1997 Frankie Wainman    
1998 Tony Whittaker    
1999 Tony McLanachan    
2000 Frankie Wainman    
2001 Barry Podjursky    
2002 Darcy Hunter *    
2003 Wayne Hemi    
2004 Gary Parkes    
2005 Darcy Hunter *    
2006 Simon Joblin    
2007 Shane Penn    
2008 Peter Bengston    
2009 Frankie Wainman    
2010 Scott Joblin    
2011 Peter Rees    
2012 Andy McCabe    
2013 Shane Penn    
2014 Peter Bengston    
2015 Bryce Steiner    
2016 Scott Joblin    
2017 Simon Joblin    
2018 Simon Joblin    
2019 Benji Sneddon *    
2020 Keegan Levien    
2021 Jack Miers *    
2022 Jason Long *