BriSCA F1 Trust Fund

Originally known as the Drivers Benevolent Fund (Ben Fund), the Fund was set up following the tragic loss of Brian Wallace at White City in 1976, with the aim of providing financial support to drivers and their dependants in the event of injury or loss of life. The Fund was formally registered as a Charity over the winter of 1984/5, under the full title of 'The British Stock Car Drivers Trust Fund' and is today commonly referred to as simply 'The Trust Fund'.

The annual 'Trust Fund' race has taken place every year since 1977, and has traditionally been open to all Red Top drivers attending the Trust Fund meeting. On rare occasions, the race grid has also been bolstered by ex-red or blue top drivers, to ensure a full field of cars. A traditional feature of Trust Fund meetings is the drivers collection, when drivers mingle with the crowd collecting for the Fund - if you should see any of the drivers on collection duties, please give generously for this very worthy and essential cause.

Trust Fund meetings apart, direct donations, however large or small, would be welcomed and much appreciated at any time - if you would like to donate directly to the Trust Fund, please contact the BSCDA Secretary ( for further information.

Year Track Winner
1977 Bradford 391 Stuart Smith
1978 Sheffield 160 Andy Stott
1979 Northampton 190 Len Wolfenden
1980 Bradford 229 John Hillam
1981 Coventry 51 Mo Smith
1982 Long Eaton 155 Brian Tuplin
1983 Leicester 495 John Cayzer
1984 Sheffield 281 Rob Pearce
1985 Belle Vue 1 Stuart Smith
1986 Crewe 260 Dave Berresford
1987 Northampton 495 John Cayzer
1988 Long Eaton 53 John Lund
1989 Sheffield 22 Paul Harrison
1990 Buxton 203 Dan Clarke
1991 Bradford 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr
1992 Skegness 97 Murray Harrison
1993 Skegness 64 Kev Smith
1994 Bradford 33 Peter Falding
1995 Stoke 413 Matt Bennett
1996 Skegness 41 Gaz Bott
1997 Bradford 391 Andrew Smith
1998 Northampton 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr
1999 Belle Vue 180 Ray Witts
2000 King's Lynn 391 Andrew Smith
2001 Sheffield 8 Mick Harris
2002 Sheffield 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr
2003 King's Lynn 97 Murray Harrison
2004 Coventry 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr
2005 Coventry 380 Steve Cayzer
2006 Coventry 21 Mark Gilbank
2007 Coventry 322 James Neachell
2008 Coventry 291 Dan Squire
2009 Coventry 97 Murray Harrison
2010 Coventry 321 Ed Neachell
2011 Coventry 21 Mark Gilbank
2012 Coventry 4 Dan Johnson
2013 Northampton 12 Michael Scriven
2014 Northampton 150 Mick Sworder
2015 Northampton 388 Paul Ford
2016 Northampton 388 Paul Ford
2017 Northampton 462 Scott Davids
2018 Northampton 166 Bobby Griffin
2019 Kings Lynn 55 Craig Finnikin


In 2012 there was no separate 'Trust Fund' race held during the Trust Fund meeting. As a result, the table above shows the winner of the meeting Final. The traditional 'stand alone' race was reintroduced from 2013 onwards.