Stoxnet Driver Of The Day and Racin' Rating

Driver of the Day (DotD) voting takes place after each meeting during the season, and is an opportunity for you to give your chosen driver some recognition for a great performance.

At the same time, members are invited to rate the quality of each meeting on a scale of one to ten, via the Racin' Rating (RR) score - with ten being a brilliant event, and one meaning you possibly wished you'd stayed at home!

Simple rules for joining in are as follows:

  • One vote per member, per meeting please. If you vote for two or more drivers, then unfortunately none will be counted.
  • Minimum 10 DotD votes and RR scores per meeting before we declare a winner for that meeting.
  • Voting closes midnight Thursday each week, for the previous weekend's meetings.
  • For the Racin' Rating, a whole number between 1 and 10 please - fractional scores are not counted.
  • Finally - DotD is F1 only please - we are, after all, a Pure F1 forum!

At the end of each week, we'll tot up the number of votes for each driver to determine the Driver of the Day for each meeting. We'll then add up the RR scores and take an average to produce an overall RR score for each event.

Driver of the Day and Racin' Rating results for the current season to date are shown below.

Date Track Driver of the Day Racin' Rating
30-Mar Kings Lynn 348 John Wright 8.3
06-Apr Mildenhall 4 Dan Johnson 7.86
14-Apr Sheffield 84 Tom Harris 6.07
19-Apr Skegness 126 Harry Steward 7.63
20-Apr Stoke 84 Tom Harris 8.12
22-Apr Belle Vue 175 Karl Hawkins 6.78
27-Apr Kings Lynn 20 Liam Gilbank 8.12
04-May Birmingham 445 Nigel Green 6.54
06-May Belle Vue H880 Niels Tesselaar 6.56
11-May Skegness 124 Kyle Grey 7.64
12-May Skegness 124 Kyle Grey 8.92
18-May Northampton 84 Tom Harris 6.24
25-May Kings Lynn 84 Tom Harris 7.39
27-May Belle Vue 84 Tom Harris 6.37
01-Jun Northampton 84 Tom Harris 7.46
08-Jun Birmingham 16 Mat Newson 8.12
09-Jun Buxton 242 Joe Nickolls 7.13
16-Jun Hednesford 16 Mat Newson 8.64
22-Jun Ipswich 346 Ashley England 7.59
30-Jun Belle Vue 313 Karl Roberts 7.25
13-Jul Skegness 172 Mickey Randell 8.93
14-Jul Skegness Tied 346 and 216 8.34
27-Jul Northampton H229 Tsjalle Greidanus 8.82
28-Jul Northampton 55 Craig Finnikin 7.13
04-Aug Sheffield 5 Charlie Sworder 7.71
10-Aug Buxton 180 Courtney Witts 6.38
17-Aug Venray Void Meeting 0
18-Aug Venray Void Meeting 0
24-Aug Birmingham 180 Courtney Witts 7.28
26-Aug Belle Vue 313 Karl Roberts 8.64
31-Aug Kings Lynn 166 Bobby Griffin 9.21
13-Sep Kings Lynn H618 Wybe De Vries 9.17
14-Sep Kings Lynn 84 Tom Harris 8.03
15-Sep Northampton 55 Craig Finnikin 9.04
22-Sep Hednesford 532 Daz Kitson 6.39
06-Oct Sheffield Postponed meeting 0
12-Oct Skegness 166 Bobby Griffin 8.23
13-Oct Skegness 220 Will Hunter 8.38
19-Oct Kings Lynn 45 Nigel Harrhy 9.71
20-Oct Sheffield 275 Terry Hawkins 7.54
27-Oct Northampton H880 Niels Tesselaar 7.50
02-Nov Stoke Tied 166 and 259 9.67
10-Nov Belle Vue 84(1) Tom Harris 9.45
16-Nov Birmingham Cancelled Meeing 0.00

At the end of each season, we'll use the above results to determine the Annual Stoxnet Awards: Driver Of The Year, Meeting Of The Year, and the Track Of The Year. Click on the other tabs to see detailed results from the past few years, along with a summary of older results.

[Footnote: to qualify for Track of the Year, a track must host a minimum of three full 'in season' F1 meetings]