2019 Awards

Driver of the Year

Domination once again. Stuart Jnr did it in Season 2018, and Hit Man Tom matches him in 2019 with a excellent 8 DotD awards.

1st 84 Tom Harris 8 Wins

2nd Bobby G 3 wins

3rd Take your pick from 124 Kyle, 16 Mat, 180 Courtney, 313 Karl and 55 Craig - all with two wins each

Congratulations and well done to Tom after a fantastic season. Bobby takes second spot after a tied vote at the Novenber Stoke meeting, and the spread of drivers chasing 3rd spot surely reflects the quality of racing we've all enjoyed in 2019.

Track of the Year

(Position/Last year/Track/Average Score for all qualifying meetings)

1st - (1) Kings Lynn - 8.56

2nd - (4) Skegness - 8.30

3rd - (3) Northampton - 7.70

4th - (2) Belle Vue - 7.51

5th - (5) Birmingham - 7.31

Congratulations yet again to the Kings Lynn team, after another excellent season. You'd have to go back to Coventry in 2014 to find the last time a track other than Kings Lynn won Track Of The Year! A special mention though, to Skegness, moving up the order with a great score - lets hope for more of the same in 2020, to keep Kings Lynn honest.

Meeting of the Year

1st - Kings Lynn 19/10 - 9.71

2nd - Stoke 02/11 - 9.67

3rd - Belle Vue 10/11 - 9.45

4th - Kings Lynn 31/08 - 9.21

5th - Kings Lynn 13/09 - 9.17

If Tom can rightly claim Domination in the Drivers Awards, Kings Lynn can do the same in the Meeting Awards! Once again, a big well done to Buster and his team. Interesting to note that it's shale all the way in the Meeting Awards - no doubt Skegness will be looking to change that in 2020.