2017 Awards

Driver of the Year

The battle of the Titans continues into the Stoxnet Awards!

1st 445 Nigel Green

2nd 390 Stuart Smith Jnr

3rd = 55/101/197

This time last year, we reported that FWJ had probably set an all time record of 8 DotD wins in 2016, only for Nigel to claim a new record in 2017 with 9 wins. As has been the case all year, Stuart Jnr was never far behind, finishing the year just 2 wins short of Nigel. As for other runners - so far behind the top two, they're virtually out of sight with a couple of wins apiece. Please Nigel - come back in 2018!

Track of the Year

(Position/Last year/Track/Average Score for all qualifying meetings)

1st - (1) Kings Lynn - 8.25

2nd - (-) Stoke - 8.24

3rd - (2) Skegness - 7.81

4th - (5) Birmingham - 7.66

5th - (3) Belle Vue - 7.04

So, so close. With Stoke enjoying three fixtures, making them eligible for Track Of the Year for the first time, Kings Lynn had a huge fight on their hands to retain their title, but retain it they did, by a tiny margin. Congratulations has go to the teams at both venues for producing some fantastic events in 2017 whilst continuing to invest in their facilities. More of the same in 2018 please, when Mr Speak will no doubt also be aiming to get Skegness back into contention for the top spots.

Meeting of the Year

1st - Stoke 04/11 - 9.82

2nd - Kings Lynn 27/05 - 9.34

3rd = Wimbledon - 05/03 and Skegness 09/07 - 8.76

4th - Northampton 18/06 - 8.71

5th - Ipswich 16/09 - 8.66

A big well done to the Startrax/Covstox alliance , who take a clear win in the MofY following a meeting so brutal we renamed this one "Surviver of the Day" following the carnage on track. Clearly a fans favourite, it's a shame that Stoke has only two "in season" dates in the 2017 calendar.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined in - hope you'll be back for more in a few months time. If you'd like to compare the latest results with prior years, just click on the Stoxnet Awards tab at the top of the page, and all will be revealed.