2015 Awards

Driver of the Year

All change! Only one driver from last years top three makes it on to the podium this time around.

1st 217 Lee Fairhurst

2nd = 53 John Lund and Dan Johnson

3rd = 390 Stu Smith Jnr and 94 John Dowson

Congratulations to Lee, taking top spot with 6 DotD wins, after a brilliant season topped off with the British title - and who would have predicted Lundy in second spot and John Dowson in the top three! A big well done to the two Johns, along with Shootout Champ Dan and Stuart - the only surviver from last years Podium, repeating his third place of 2014.

Track of the Year

(Position/Last year/Track/Average Score for all qualifying meetings)

1st - (2) Kings Lynn - 8.08

2nd - (3) NIR - 7.97

3rd - (1) Coventry - 7.93

4th - (4) Belle Vue - 7.63

5th - (-) Skegness - 7.47

Kings Lynn back on top - but for the first time, in a long time, it's not a fight for the win with Coventry. Well done to Paul, Buster and the KL team, but a big shout also to the NIR team, taking their highest position ever with second spot. No doubt Jeremy and co will be going all out to regain lost places in what looks like the final season at Brandon.

Meeting of the Year

1st - King's Lynn 25/04 - 9.77

2nd - NIR 29/08 - 9.69

3rd - Coventry 04/07 - 9.55

4th - Stoke 26/09 - 9.14

5th - Skegness 10/10 - 8.71

King's Lynn retain the Meeting of the Year title with "that" epic in April, which will be long remembered by anyone who was there. Once again, NIR pushes Coventry into third spot, with their best result since the 2011 World Final meeting. Lets hope for more great tar racing in 2016 - can NIR go one better and finally break the shale stranglehold on top spots?