2014 Awards

Driver of the Year

Last year we made the point that the "new order" appeared to be taking over at the very top of the sport. This year, the "old guard" fights back, it seems!

1st 318 Rob Speak

2nd = 84 Tom Harris and 515 FWJ

3rd = 390 SSJ and 150 Mick Sworder

Congratulations to Rob, taking top spot with 6 DotD wins, after a brilliant season topped off with the National Series Silver roof. FWJ clearly rediscovered his mojo in 2014, to share second spot with Tom on 5 wins apiece, whilst arguably two of the top entertainers on track share third spot with 4 wins each - well done to Stuart and Mick.

Track of the Year

(Position/Last year/Track/Average Score for all qualifying meetings)

1st - (2) Coventry - 8.17

2nd - (1) Kings Lynn - 8.09

3rd - (5) NIR - 7.98

4th - (4) Belle Vue - 7.42

5th - (-) Birmingham - 7.04

After losing the crown to Kings Lynn last season, Coventry regain the title once again, by the smallest of margins - a big well done to Jeremy and the Coventry team. This is the third year running that the two shale venues have locked out the top two places. Possibly the 'most improved' title should go to Northampton, moving up into third spot after some brilliant tar racing sessions mid-season.

Meeting of the Year

1st - Kings Lynn 27/09 - 9.82

2nd - Coventry 20/09 - 9.35

3rd - Venray 16/08 - 9.20

4th - NIR 20/07 - 9.16

5th - NIR 22/06 - 9.09

They're playing swap again - KL loses the Track title, so they pinch the Meeting of the Year award back from Coventry. Not only that, they do it in style with the late September session - the highest meeting score ever with 9.82, knocking a Skegness score of 9.80 way back in 2010 off the all time top spot. Well done to Buster, Paul and the KL team - beating that next year will take something really special!

Again, thanks to everyone who joined in - hope you'll be back for more in a few months time. If you'd like to compare the latest results with prior years, just click on the Stoxnet Awards tab at the top of the page, and all will be revealed. :)