2013 Awards

Driver of the Year

Many observers make the point that we are slowly witnessing the "rise of the new order" or the "changing of the guard" at the very top of the sport, and if ever further proof were needed, here it is:

1st = Lee Fairhurst and Ryan Harrison

2nd Paul Hines

3rd Danny Wainman

A big well done to Ryan and Lee, sharing top spot with six wins each - it somehow feels entirely appropriate that these two drivers, who have both had stellar seasons, with dramatically different driving styles, should share top spot. Well done to Paul, who clearly remains as popular as ever with five DotD wins, and to Danny, with a late season charge netting him three DotD wins, on his way to the GN Championship, and third in the National Points - finally beating big brother in the points chase.

Track of the Year

(Position/Last year/Track/Average Score for all qualifying meetings)

1st - (2) Kings Lynn - 8.08

2nd - (1) Coventry - 7.94

3rd - (3) Skegness - 7.81

4th - (4) Belle Vue - 7.80

5th - (5) Northampton - 7.35

Many congratulations to the Kings Lynn team, finally knocking Coventry off top spot by the smallest of margins, after a hat trick of wins for the Brandon team. Kings Lynn last took top spot in 2007 and 2008. Elsewhere, it's "as you were" as far as positions third to fifth are concerned, and yet again, Stoke would have been right up there with the best, had it completed the minimum three meetings to qualify for the Awards.

Meeting of the Year

1st - Coventry 07/09 - 8.92

2nd - Coventry 05/10 - 8.87

3rd - Kings Lynn 28/04 - 8.84

4th - Kings Lynn 25/05 - 8.75

5th - Coventry 06/10 - 8.65

OK, they lose the TotY title, so what do they do? - take over the MotY chart instead. Well done to JH and his band of helpers. Kings Lynn completes the Shale Racing rout with two cracking meetings in April and May. There was no score for the KL World Final meeting, due to the unfortunate events on the night.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined in - hope you'll be back for more in a few months time. If you'd like to compare the latest results with prior years, just click on the Stoxnet Awards tab at the top of the page, and all will be revealed. :)