BriSCA F1 Championships

  Championship Current Holder
  World 391 Andrew Smith
  National Points 391 Andrew Smith
  National Series 391 Andrew Smith
  British 259 Paul Hines
  European 464 Luke Davidson
  Gold Cup H247 Gary Castell
  UK Open 385 Steve Thompson
  Driver of year 391 Andrew Smith
  Track of year Coventry Stadium
  Meeting of year Skegness British meeting
BriSCA F1 stockcar racing has several championships available each year.

Use the links in the menu on the left of this page to see details of the major championships, the current and previous winners.

The results of the 2010 Stoxnet Awards are now in! See who Stoxnet forum members have voted the Driver of the Year, and which track and meeting they voted as their favourites too!

The National Points Championship runs through the whole season with points scored at each meetings deciding each driver's grading position and roof colour. A minor variation of the National Points Championship called the National Series has its rules tweaked each year to try and give other drivers a chance at winning the silver roof, but historically the silver roof has been the property of the National Points Champion.

The World Championship is the most coveted of all championships - not only is a massive prize fund up for grabs, but the desirable gold roof is awarded for the victor. BSCDA favourite 391 Andy Smith won the 2009 World Final race, sucessfully defending his title from the previous year, bringing his total to four World Championships - three out of four since 2006.

Venray in Holland plays host to the annual Gold Cup race weekend where BriSCA drivers take a summer break from racing on the UK's ovals to take on the best of the Dutch tarmac racers in an attempt to bring home the title.


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